Gaeta, Blue Flag 2020

Gaeta has been gained, for the 7th year in a row, Blue Flag award!

Today, Gaeta’s sky is bluer than ever, we’ve gained for the 7th year in a row the Blue Flag award. This award is a prestigious international recognition that I would like to dedicate to our citizens, always diligently taking care of the environmental protection, for a cleaner and even more beautiful town. During this historical period, the award represents an invitation to show strength, needed to overcome the obstacles that we will face for this peculiar bathing season!

We are facing an extremely sensitive health emergency, but this should not stop us. We need to be focused because the virus hasn’t been defeated yet. We need to be alert, but as I always say, we should control the emergency and not endure.

The Mayor of Gaeta, Cosmo Mitrano displays the Blue Flag 2020, gained this year for the 7th time in a row.

Therefore, the FEE recognition, gained for the 7th year in a row, is more than welcome. This award demonstrates the administration’s commitment and hard work in policies aimed at the environmental protection and sustainability, and the promotion of the beauty of natural and human landscapes. The Blue Flag award confirms the great job carried out by our offices, which I would like to personally thank.

The Mayor of Gaeta,

Cosmo Mitrano

Let’s restart carefully in order to safely enjoy the beauties that surround us!

If you wish to visit Gaeta, enjoy our beaches and swim in our crystal blue waters, you can make a reservation and have access to our free beaches using the app: www.gaetainapp.it/downloadapp or checking the website Gaeta mare sicuro:


Parking in the city, what to know and what to do! If you wish to receive useful info regarding parking fees, subscriptions and Limited Traffic Zone areas (withing the neighbourhood of St. Erasmo), please check the website of the city of Gaeta:


For all the other info about the city of Gaeta, please check our institutional website, www.comune.gaeta.lt.it or/and our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CittadiGaeta/

Bathing season: this is the programme for free beaches

In Gaeta the bathing season during Covid-19 will be based on a plan ensuring that the emergency is controlled and not endured, as the Mayor, Cosmo Mitrano, has stated. After a deep study of the peculiar historical period we are living in, this strategy has been implemented in order to guarantee safe accesses to citizens and tourists wishing to enjoy the famous beaches of Gaeta. Among the innovations, we’ve adopted for the first time a lifesaving plan for free beaches, such as Fontania, Scissure and Arenauta that will be added to the ones located in Serapo and at the Ariana. For what concerns the remaining beaches, the administration is working in order extend the plan to the other free beaches.

On the background the “Serapo’s ship”

“The city of Gaeta – explains the Mayor of Gaeta Cosmo Mitrano – is ready to deal with the upcoming summer season, aiming to technical innovation in order to allow orderly access to free beaches, in full compliance of the rules set to contain the spread of Covid-19. For the first time, we have also drawn a lifesaving plan for free beaches, such as Fontania, Arenauta and Scissure. The lifesaving plan – continues the Mayor – is an essential tool, in order to guarantee a continuous and smooth bathing control of all beaches. Notwithstanding the health emergency, our work has never stopped, allowing us to provide appropriate ways to boost tourism and support local economy. I wish to personally thank those involved in the working team, members of majority and minority, professionals and IT experts, for their precious support. – Adds Mitrano – For this reason today we can officially present you the extraordinary measures adopted in order to guarantee safety on free beaches. We have identified quotas spots on free beaches, where free access will be allowed after making an optional reservation through the online platform www.gaeta-mare-sicuro.it or downloading Gaeta’s official app: Gaetainapp.”

Access to the beaches will therefore be regulated through mandatory tracings, all requiring personal data and temperature measuring. The customer will be able to get in contact with the bathing facilities’ manager in every moment, while during check-in, a staff member in charge, will great the customer or the customers (the number of guests will need to be indicated in the reservation). Each guest, reserving a spot for one or multiple days, will be registered in order to comply with the obligations regarding traceability.

“We tried to find a good balance among the actions to take, not only to safeguard public health, but also meeting the needs of citizens and tourists wishing to enjoy their free time on our famous beaches.  Everyone should be able to have access to the beaches, but cooperation is needed. Therefore, I count on everyone’s common sense and compliance with the rules laid down in order to avoid the spread of the virus, that hasn’t been completely defeated yet.”

News – ZTL Gaeta Sant’Erasmo, active gates

Starting from Friday June 5th, on Fridays and Saturdays the Restricted Traffic Zone gate in the neighbourhood of Sant’Erasmo will be active from 9:30pm to 5am. It is important to specify that the Restricted Traffic Zone, including the road section of Lungomare Caboto up to Piazza Traniello, will not be activated. The administration has also provided to simplify subscriptions renewal through the use of self-certifications. Subscriptions and authorizations for Restricted Traffic Zones are provided by the offices located in the civic tower, open to public:

Monday to Saturday 9am – 1pm

Tuesday 3pm – 6pm